Sunday, May 3, 2009

“Stoody” Dilts

Stewart Leroy Dilts (1893-1973), "Stoody" or sometimes I have found it as “Stoodie” was the son of William Dilts (1859-1910) and Ella Strait (1852-1917). Stoody was drafted into WWI and moved to Battle Creek, Michigan prior to 1930, where he and his wife Vergie Kirby (1897-1964) are buried. In the years after WWI, however, he set the baseball world (or at least the baseball community in and around Muskingum county) on fire. He was very popular in Roseville and in the later years was the player/manager for the Zanesville Greys. In November of 1925 he purchased the theater in Roseville from F. M. Tewksberry and a few years later he ran for Perry County Sheriff. I have no idea what brought on the move to Michigan, or where exactly he and Vergie are buried in Battle Creek. Currently I am organizing a booklet of "Stoody" newspaper clippings from the Zanesville Times recorder.

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