Monday, May 4, 2009

Roseville Cemetery revisited

The weather held out yesterday so I did get up to Roseville for the third round of photos. The last 1/3 was the old portion, down over the hill. Not only is it hard to read most of the stones in this section, but also they are spread out and not in nice neat rows. Thus, keeping track of where you are in the process was very difficult. I do now have them saved on my hard drive and ready to be named and added with the photos from the other two sessions. This could be a while, though, as I am only up to the C’s in getting through the photos from session 2. I just finished this morning adding photos for three Cliftons.

In an unrelated-Dilts event, my parents did take me up to Bear Run Cemetery yesterday afternoon. Revolutionary War Veteran Jacob Storts (1763-1852) and his family are buried there. I do have some other postings to make from there, but I did get most of the Storts family posted at .

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