Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Green Lawn Cemetery

Autie Bell Dilts (1876-1957) married Frederick William White (1872-1918). In the early 1900's Fred's brother Tully S. White (1867-1949) purchased Lot 258 in Section 66 at Green Lawn Cemetery in Franklin County, Ohio. I was able to locate the lot while I was down at Green Lawn on Monday. Shamefully, I didn't have my camera with me, although it was probably best since the grass around the stones was pretty high. I will return soon with my camera and maybe some grass clippers. At any rate, there are eight stones in all (Autie, Fred, their daughter Fremonda, Tully, his wife, and infant daughter, and two others).

To find Lot 258, Section 66 drive the red line for about a half a mile until you get to Section 66 and turn right on the yellow line. Lot 258 is the seventh lot from the corner on your right. I do hope to have these all posted on in the very near future.

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