Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scurlock's of Jackson County

As a brief departure from the Dilts research and a chance to escape central Ohio for a few days, we traveled to Jackson & Scioto counties over the Memorial Day weekend. My father-in-law, Ripley Scurlock b.1919 now lives in Ashland County, but his family was originally from North Carolina, moving into Jackson County at the turn of the 19th century. Ripley later moved to Scioto county, attending Portsmouth HS and then moved to Ashland county after WWII.

Our trip was done in reverse chronological order as we first stopped in Wellston at the Ridgewood Cemetery. Ripley's parents Ripley H. Scurlock 1888-1967 & Ethel D. Hollingshead 1894-1965 are buried there along with Ethel's parents John H. Hollingshead 1876-1947 & Elizabeth McDonald 1878-1921.

From there we traveled outside Wellston to Salem Cemetery. Ripley's grandparents John Henry Scurlock 1857-1927 & Susan Grimes 1868-1959 are buried there. Interesting that we could not find any other Scurlock's or relatives at Salem.

Perkins Cemetery, however, is where most of the Jackson County Scurlock's are buried. There we found John Henry's father Almond Landford Scurlock 1833-1868. His mother Susanna Olyler is supposed to be buried there too. After Almond's death she married John W. Dickerson 1828-1900, but we could not find any stone with her on it, unless it was one of the unreadable one's up there. We may need to get back up there some time and try to read those more closely. Almond's father John Scurlock 1794-1864 was a veteran of the War of 1812. In addition to the old stones for he and his wife Armenia White, there is a newer stone in place. There are several other Scurlock's buried there at Perkins. I have posted all at . John's father James Scurlock 1749-1805 died in Missouri, not sure where he is buried. His mother Lydia Poor (or Poore) 1765-1800 died in Jackson County and is supposed to be buried in Winchester Cemetery. We were there several years ago, but could not locate the stone.

We finished up the day in Scioto County at the Memorial Burial Park in Wheelersburg. There my mother-in-law's parents John Gordon Day 1902-1962 & Osa Jane Johnson 1903-1987 are buried along with Osa's parents James Asher Johnson 1876-1944 & Anna Mead 1878-1960.


  1. I am related to the Scurlocks.
    Ripley is my great Uncle.
    I know where some of the other Scurlocks are buried if you want I can give you more info.

  2. My husband is related to the Scurlocks of Jackson County, Ohio. I have one photo of Benjamin Franklin Kisor and Mary Ann Scurlock with their children,

  3. Almond is my GGGRandfather. He was a member of the 27th OVI, Co. H., then was transferred to the VRC. I have a copy of his image that was most likely taken at his enlistment. I have been trying to find out where his grave is for some time. I haven't been there since I was a teenager and wasn't sure where its location was.

    I also have a copy of the picture that Vicky mentioned. Mary Ann was Almond's daughter if I recall, and B.F. Kisor was pretty advanced in years compared to her. he served with the 2nd W.V. Calvary. B.F. Kisor is also a GGGrandfather of mine, I think that's the right amount of G's.

    Any information on Almond's burial site would be greatly appreciated. I was actually thinking about heading down there in the next couple of weeks to look around the Wellston area.


  4. WOW thats my 3rd Great Grandfathers Headstone. I would love to compare family trees with you.