Monday, February 17, 2014

William & Thomas Dilts

One of the Dilts mysteries in the Roseville area is the relationship between Thomas Dilts 1819-1887 & William Dilts 1823-1890.  Thomas is buried in Roseville Cemetery FAG#6393864 ; William in Ebenezer Cemetery FAG#6142020.  Although I cannot verify everything 100% I have come to the conclusion that they were both the sons of Morris Dilts 1799-1888, but they had different mothers.  Looks like Morris may have had an unknown wife when he arrived in Ohio prior 1819.  Thomas is born in Licking Co. and his mother dies soon afterwards.  Morris then marries Parmelia Jenkins 1796-1875 and 1822 William is born in 1823.

Yes, this is still somewhat of a theory, but it is supported by several personal trees I have found, the 1860 map of Muskingum Co. and word from our family that said Morris did have a wife prior to Parmelia.  The 1860 map shows Thomas owning land on Athens Road in Roseville, while both Morris & William owning land in the nearby Ebenezer area.