Monday, February 17, 2014

William & Thomas Dilts

One of the Dilts mysteries in the Roseville area is the relationship between Thomas Dilts 1819-1887 & William Dilts 1823-1890.  Thomas is buried in Roseville Cemetery FAG#6393864 ; William in Ebenezer Cemetery FAG#6142020.  Although I cannot verify everything 100% I have come to the conclusion that they were both the sons of Morris Dilts 1799-1888, but they had different mothers.  Looks like Morris may have had an unknown wife when he arrived in Ohio prior 1819.  Thomas is born in Licking Co. and his mother dies soon afterwards.  Morris then marries Parmelia Jenkins 1796-1875 and 1822 William is born in 1823.

Yes, this is still somewhat of a theory, but it is supported by several personal trees I have found, the 1860 map of Muskingum Co. and word from our family that said Morris did have a wife prior to Parmelia.  The 1860 map shows Thomas owning land on Athens Road in Roseville, while both Morris & William owning land in the nearby Ebenezer area.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have, for the most part, finished posting the photos I can identify for Roseville Cemetery on and have now started the process of creating a data file of all the entries, which will include a section/row location for each. As an initial source I am using a document from the library, which looks like it was typed sometime in the 1970's. There are, however, many errors in this document. So it is going to take some time to backtrack and correct the errors from this file. Also, it looks like this same file has been used as a source to post many of the entries on the Roseville site. So I will then need to contact the individuals who made the entries so they can make the corrections.

One of the most confusing things about the file from the library was the listing of rows/blocks/sections. Until now Icould never make any sense of what was listed in the document, although I had been to the cemetery many times and recently photographed all of the stones. It wasn't until I started making the entries into this new data file that I started recognizing the system used in the old file and how it related to stones which I knew the location. At this point I am 99% sure that the image posted abovr is the location of the sections and that the rows listed for Blocks 1 & 2 and East & West run north to south (from the top to bottom of the screen). The East Section however lists no rows. After taking pictures there (the old section over the hill) I can tell you why. Everyone seems to be buried randomly. There is no order or rows at all in that section. Still a while before I'm through with this. Just finished the G's.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Darcus Dilts

Born about 1795, married Daniel Swackhammer. Darcus & Daniel are listed as the parents of Mary Ann 1837-1909 (married William Holcombe) and Maurice "George" Swackhammer 1830-1904. Both children are buried in Roseville Cemetery.

No guess who her parents are, but the 1850 census says she was born in Ohio.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Donna Dilts

After checking the Roseville HS graduate photos again, I did find another Dilts in the class of 1932. This makes a total of six. Donna is the daughter of John (1891-1956) & Hattie (1895-1977). She married Richard N. Ransbottom (1913-1996), who is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dilts Graduates of Roseville HS

I am now up through the M's in round two of the Roseville Cemetery project. I took a small break last week to start recording the names of the faculty and graduates from Roseville HS. These names and pictures are posted at the Roseville Historical Society. Last Sunday, during their Open House, I went down and photographed each picture. Although some of them were a little blurry, I was able to go through and get about 95% of the names recorded by class 1892-1970. FYI, starting in 1971 all Roseville high school aged students were sent to the Franklin Local School District to attend Philo HS, leaving 1970 as the last graduating class from RHS.

So far I have found five Dilts' who graduated from RHS:
Marguerite Dilts, Class of 1893 b. 1875 Daughter of James A. Dilts & Ida V. King
Eleanor Dilts, Class of 1934 Daughter of Charles A. Dilts & Nettie Iola Stine
Polly Dilts, Class of 1949 1931-2004 Daughter of John W. Dilts & Hattie Loretta Shields, married Robert L. Tracy, buried Rose Hill Cemetery
Max Dilts, Class of 1951 Son of John W. Dilts & Hattie Loretta Shields
Donna Dilts, Class of 1951 b. 1938 Daughter of Clive O Dilts & Bessie B. Pyle, married Ernest Milton Pride & Carl E. Wilson

There may be more, as I still need to check the pictures I have which were too blurry to read. I am headed back down to Roseville on Friday to check the work I have so far and get the names of the ones I could not read.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Almeda Ann Dilts

1860-1943, Almeda is another daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth, however in the record for Almeda shows Elizabeth Ann Gillespie as her mother. I still have no idea where the Elizabeth Taylor refernce came from in Parmelia's record. At any rate, Almeda marries Hall Koon 1856-1912 in 1878. They are both buried in Roseville cemetery along with sons William 1879-1905 & Newton 1881-1936 and daughter Mary b1899.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Parmelia Roxena "Rene" Dilts

Now up to the K's in round two of Roseville Cemetery. I ran across a Rene Koon 1861-1940, married Allen Koon 1860-1932. has her father listed as Thomas Diltz and mother as Elizabeth Taylor. I do have a Parmelia Dilts listed in my tree as born about 1860, daughter of Thomas Dilts and Elizabeth Gillespie. So my best guess is that this is her, but who is Elizabeth Taylor?