Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Parmelia Roxena "Rene" Dilts

Now up to the K's in round two of Roseville Cemetery. I ran across a Rene Koon 1861-1940, married Allen Koon 1860-1932. has her father listed as Thomas Diltz and mother as Elizabeth Taylor. I do have a Parmelia Dilts listed in my tree as born about 1860, daughter of Thomas Dilts and Elizabeth Gillespie. So my best guess is that this is her, but who is Elizabeth Taylor?

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  1. Her mother was Elizabeth Gillespie (Parmelia Dilts is my great grandmother. My great aunt Nettie, who completed the death cert info & is my great aunt, had a history of not necessarily telling authorities the truth LOL. Loved the heck out Aunt Nettie though :)