Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dilts Graduates of Roseville HS

I am now up through the M's in round two of the Roseville Cemetery project. I took a small break last week to start recording the names of the faculty and graduates from Roseville HS. These names and pictures are posted at the Roseville Historical Society. Last Sunday, during their Open House, I went down and photographed each picture. Although some of them were a little blurry, I was able to go through and get about 95% of the names recorded by class 1892-1970. FYI, starting in 1971 all Roseville high school aged students were sent to the Franklin Local School District to attend Philo HS, leaving 1970 as the last graduating class from RHS.

So far I have found five Dilts' who graduated from RHS:
Marguerite Dilts, Class of 1893 b. 1875 Daughter of James A. Dilts & Ida V. King
Eleanor Dilts, Class of 1934 Daughter of Charles A. Dilts & Nettie Iola Stine
Polly Dilts, Class of 1949 1931-2004 Daughter of John W. Dilts & Hattie Loretta Shields, married Robert L. Tracy, buried Rose Hill Cemetery
Max Dilts, Class of 1951 Son of John W. Dilts & Hattie Loretta Shields
Donna Dilts, Class of 1951 b. 1938 Daughter of Clive O Dilts & Bessie B. Pyle, married Ernest Milton Pride & Carl E. Wilson

There may be more, as I still need to check the pictures I have which were too blurry to read. I am headed back down to Roseville on Friday to check the work I have so far and get the names of the ones I could not read.

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