Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have, for the most part, finished posting the photos I can identify for Roseville Cemetery on and have now started the process of creating a data file of all the entries, which will include a section/row location for each. As an initial source I am using a document from the library, which looks like it was typed sometime in the 1970's. There are, however, many errors in this document. So it is going to take some time to backtrack and correct the errors from this file. Also, it looks like this same file has been used as a source to post many of the entries on the Roseville site. So I will then need to contact the individuals who made the entries so they can make the corrections.

One of the most confusing things about the file from the library was the listing of rows/blocks/sections. Until now Icould never make any sense of what was listed in the document, although I had been to the cemetery many times and recently photographed all of the stones. It wasn't until I started making the entries into this new data file that I started recognizing the system used in the old file and how it related to stones which I knew the location. At this point I am 99% sure that the image posted abovr is the location of the sections and that the rows listed for Blocks 1 & 2 and East & West run north to south (from the top to bottom of the screen). The East Section however lists no rows. After taking pictures there (the old section over the hill) I can tell you why. Everyone seems to be buried randomly. There is no order or rows at all in that section. Still a while before I'm through with this. Just finished the G's.

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